Embracing Emptiness : For It Is Not That Empty.

Emptiness possess the most powerful sound, silence it engulfs within makes intense noise that seems no bound. On the canvas of life it paints &  breeds Rationality & Reasonability.

Emptiness is not that empty..
It plays  the most striking melody of Introspection;
that keeps one on the track of life.
Architecturing one’s life in the positive,
seldom does it leave one stuck in this undertaking.
Providing the insightful shots of minutes lost & hours gone..
Notifying that the time flies,
in the blink of an eye!

Playing the melody of one’s Dreams,
that keeps one awake till the eternity.
No matter how shattered one feels;
but this melody never leaves,
with grit it tells one to proceed,
sans any fear or grief.

Occasionally playing the chords of Despair;
when one’s senses bound nowhere.
Then the life might seem bleak,
but one owe to oneself to no to freak;
For this distress is transitory and in some time would leave,
and persist would our feat.

Emptiness is not that empty..
It exudes a deep sense of Progressivity;
the one who ventures out in the world of changability ,comprehends better its indispensability.
Courage it unfurls upon who embraces it,
never would the one be derated.

It  begets holisticity to develop one’s Individuality.
The one who dares to explore it ;
radiates strength & intensity.
For the ones who desire peculiarity,
are always enroute to embosom it.

Infusing Enrichment into one’s life :
Offering a spectacular avenue to fulfillment of one’s wants & desires;
It shapes & carves beautifully one’s life.
When in conundrum resort to it,
for it has the prowess to make you fix.

If Know Thyself is what one abides,
Then it makes one’s best choice.
It has on it’s menu the multitude of moments ;
to pause ponder & analyze.
Neither would it ditch ,
or rob one of precious Peace & Serenity.

Imbibing emptiness is notably not every man’s character ; but one should absorb it since it has much to offer!!

Love Enslaved

It still enthralls me how the first time we met,
licking me all over you climbed upto my chest.
With tender lips of your’s you sealed a kiss on mine,
how it amazed me that you are now mine!
Swift as  a squirrel you captivated  my senses & captured my life,
only to love and be loved all day & night.
How I adore those squirrel big gleamy eyes,
those are my only paradise.
That succulent touch of your’s arousing amorous feel,
could I ever get over our fondliness deal..!!
Evidently never would I want to make an escape,
And would always be here yearning for your cute monkey-tricks.

Every time I see you..
I am reminded of a squirrel.
Like her,  aggressive and passionate you are in all your endeavors,
Proactively you participate to flip me to irritate ,
but having you is my the beautiful fate.
Squirrel like quick visioned you are ,
observing everything and gluttoning like a shark.
A Quick witted belle ,
mischievousness is  your only forte.
Everytime you try to deceive with your bright smile,
I swear I just want to laud you high.❤
For how superbly skilled you are ,
and I just admire your playful spark!!

❤❤This is dedicated to my poochie-pooch with all the love that for her, I bear in my heart❤❤

Holi : An Innocent & Fluorescent Affair

Holi is a festival truly portraying the Indian culture’s innocence and chatoyance. It rightly exhibits the Indian spirit of; living life to the fullest, and incorporating different shades in it, as we move ahead in life. From applying vibrant Gulals on each other’s faces, to, cherishing host of delicacies; the festival is celebrated with a great vigour across the country. It is a heavenly sight, to watch people, especially, children spanning all ethnicities celebrating it with enthusiasm. The whole nation, coming together with the high spirits, coupled with colorful and cheerful faces, evokes a spirit of happiness and togetherness among the folks. Burying all the stress, only to celebrate this beautiful life; is indeed a great message of this fluorescent festival. Relishing the bounty of the mother nature in the form of delicious delicacies , and, dancing one’s heart out to the tunes of inner soul and peace; is what needs to be learnt from this gorgeous festival of colors.

A Goddamn Verdict: For The God Man!

Hmm…I know this title is quite tickling & suggestive of  the recent episode, of ,the self claimed God-Man Ram Rahim’s ( though a rape case convict now ) ! But believe u, me ,people, I really failed to resist myself from putting it this way! This scenario stirs up a sense of amazement in me as I see these fake disciples of this duplicate-fraudster-criminal  god rioting & protesting on the streets! God save me…!!

Or should I say Goood…save my hopes for the future of this seemingly hope-loosening nation! I am compelled to say this, because ,witnessing a criminal exercising so much of power invokes this thought,  as though: If we are heading towards the Doom or the Boom? And that’s a big question in itself! Encountering a great deal of participation of youngsters in these protests (nation wide picture) , would bother any rational & sane minded individual. Given all the facts & proofs ( as the law calls for) this Big-Fish-Baba ( of-course to my despair) stands guilty , &, rather than demanding a strict punitive action against him, alternatively, we are marching against the law & the moral ethics! Aaahhh…!!

Though it’s hurtful watching all this , what is more heart-wrenching was the fact that , the race (sect, community etc.) out of which it is most expected to support the cause of strict punitive action – indeed- was  seen resisting it the most! Yes you all guessed it right-Women! Guess Baba has a great & a huge female fan following! And that too for a whole lot of wrong reasons!! Seeing women protesters in such a vigor, it really did terrorise me. As a woman myself, I really can’t connect with this protest, taken up by these ladies. And that’s a real big vacuum (in my opinion) of in-congruent opinions to be bridged. That’s a woman vs woman case, but , with a difference: One defending a rape accused & One sheltering him (though now a convict).

I really gotta mention here, that how , I can’t get-over a news-clip playing this scene – a woman protester( defender category I mean) was shedding tears & yelling & pelting stones at the deployed force personnel!! The horrific images of that clip still keeps flashing across my memory lane! Insane it is!! Well when the women of a nation starts harboring criminals & some one who wrongs them , then it becomes essentially imperative to ask if : the nation is Progressing or Regressing?

But , amid all this chaos, to sooth down the effect of the hard blow, soon a respite-full moment found its way , &, it was when the much awaited verdict was out! Finally the suspense broke & it was a 20 years term, in store for, Gurmeet Singh(a.k.a. Ram Rahim)!

Though a merry-making moment it is for the nation & mostly for all the victims, yet at the same time, it is the moment of Introspection as well though the big-fish got what he deserved , yet , it took our judicial machinery 15 years to convict a criminal of such a  level as for, the man is accused of multiple wrong doings: amassing of wealth via wrong means , murder accused , rapist , fraudster & what not! Thinking this way , I feel more than merry-making it is high time to set our law machinery in right gear so as to stop furtherance of  any of such big-fishes! Additionally it’s the time to fight the social-hypnosis spreading it’s roots in the form of religious faith & indeed wake up to the call of reality before it’s too late!! So , lastly if seen rationally it instead is a Goddamn justice- since it took 15 years for the law to convict a criminal & during this whole time victims were just burning in the flames of the famous saying : JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED & all along Hoping Against The Hope!! GODDAMNNNN…!!!religion-praying


Writing:A Unique Gem Of Our Creative Trait!!


Writing is a bliss…!!! Personally for me writing is a holy medium,via, which I could transport myself without having to be mobile,i.e., it lends me the wings to fly from one point to another & quench my thirst for knowledge. As an instance today, I might wish to write about the themes as dark as love, hatred, stress,etc., & the following day I could juggle among my interests & love of: architecture, fashion, travelling etc. If said in a nutshell writing enhances Explore-ability, Experiment-ability, Playfulness, among different plots & threads!!

Just like any other talent, like: singing, dancing, painting,etc., to write too is a talent for which one has to train hard. For Any talent to develop, it requires practice & years of labor, so does is true for writing. In order to write one has to work his/er way, from acquiring a great deal of  knowledge to zeroing in on variate factors as to: about what to write? How to go about writing over the decided topic & etc..

In respect to answering all these doubts & interrogations and to be able to deliver the best of one’s output, I believe, one must follow a well curated chronology & travel along the route that could  best be termed as Research, &, which of-course I definitely adhere to & proceed along ,whenever,  I sit down to scribble my thoughts.

DEFINE YOUR AREA OF INTEREST:  For efforts to bear fruits, they have to be genuine, likewise, to deliver what one wishes to, gain deep insight of the theme that one writes about. For to achieve this objective, prior to writing, one must question thyself, argue with thyself  & launch a deep investigation of the facts & all the knowledge h/she inks. Here in STAYING CURRENT is, what is, the most expected out of the writer!!

SELECTION OF TARGET READER BASE:  It is an integral measure to connect to the like-minded people and cater to their liking and needs!

CULTIVATE THE EXPRESSIVE PROWESS:  Expressing is the essence of writing! Any writing sans expression equals to a body sans soul!!

UNIQUENESS IS THE WAY TO SUCCESS:  It feels great to be unique. It raises Individual Quotient of the writer & paves way for impact-full  writing thus engaging the reader absolutely!!

STAY OPEN TO EXPLORE-ABILITY & EXPERIMENT-ABILITY:  Though one has to cater to an audiences but at the same time it is a good practice to be open to write about anything. It enhances the Creative Streak of the writer & infuses a great deal of confidence!


So to all the budding writers: